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Swindon Conservatory Cleaning Service

We provide high quality, affordable conservatory cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning and UPVC cleaning in Swindon, Highworth, Fairford and surrounding areas. We will clean and restore your conservatory to its former glory. We clean all external areas rejuvenating dirty and dull UPVC and removing all dirt, algae and other stains. We also clean fascia and soffitsgutters, gutter casing, downpipes, window frames and ledges, and of course all glass.

No matter what its current condition, Prism conservatory cleaners can bring your conservatory back to life.

A conservatory is a wonderful extension of your home and looking after this investment is very important. Algae and dirt can build up over time, blocking out light and spoiling the look of your conservatory.

Whether you require a one-off conservatory clean including the roof, or would like a more frequent window cleaning service in Swindon contact us today.

Interior Cleaning

Prism Window Cleaning Services can also clean conservatory interiors, including the roof, for the ultimate conservatory cleaning service available in Swindon. Applying the same attention to detail as we do our exterior cleaning we can restore all interior UPVC frames, beams, window ledges and windows.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning Swindon & Highworth

With our long reach water fed poles we are able to clean all types of conservatory roofs whether made of polycarbonate or glass. Combined with the pure water we use that has been filtered of all mineral deposits, this ensures all glass dries to a sparkling, clear and streak-free finish. Our Swindon cleaners also clean roof beams, decorative finials and end caps ensuring your conservatory roof is spotlessly clean and all algae and dirt has been removed.

What is self cleaning glass?

Self cleaning glass is designed to stay cleaner for longer than normal glass, but that does not mean it is maintenance free. A special coating is added to the surface which harnesses the power of UV rays and rain, and this breaks down dirt allowing it to be washed away. However, some marks such as bird mess are very difficult to remove and other issues affecting the effectiveness of self cleaning glass are the orientation of the conservatory, atmospheric conditions and dry periods with little or no rain.

How we clean self cleaning glass

As with all glass care should be taken to avoid scratches caused by jewellery, watches and glass scrapers.

Soft water should be used with hard water deposits removed, making the pure water used by us ideal for self cleaning glass.

We never use commercial cleaning products containing silicones or abrasive particles or harsh chemicals like bleach.

We only use soft, non-abrasive brushes and cloths or safe rubber squeegee blades.

Therefore, you can be sure self cleaning glass we clean is done so safely and effectively, and your property is always respected by expert conservatory cleaners.

Conservatory maintenance and preventing mould & condensation

We are always delighted to assist with conservatory cleaning and maintenance advice, and offer suggestions on preventing damp, condensation and mould. These are common problems with conservatories and the fundamental cause is usually too much moisture in the air.

Conservatories should be well ventilated all year round and try to keep the temperature within it consistent with the rest of your house. Double glazed windows are a big help with this but expensive.

If you have single glazing you could consider other insulation methods like secondary glazing panels, and dehumidifiers also help reducing moisture levels.

For more information on conservatory care click this link to Everest.

We believe we are the best conservatory cleaning company in Swindon and Highworth, delivering the very best in service and value for money.

Our other exterior cleaning services in Swindon and Highworth include window cleaninggutter cleaning, fascia, soffits and cladding cleaning.

We guarantee a quality job every time with competitive rates. Contact us today for a FREE no obligation quote.

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