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Can my windows be cleaned whilst it’s raining? – Yes! rain water has a very low level of dissolved solids, usually something less than 10 solid particles per million of water (PPM). Think about it, once its rained, your windows dry without any hard water staining left on them. Being in Swindon – a hard water area – if you were to use tap water to clean your windows and allow that water to dry, you would be left with hard water spots all over the glass. Now there are occasions where this isn’t the case, very occasionally we can have a weather system that’s come across from another continent and picked up sand within that system. An occasion you may recognise this is once it’s rained and left a dust residue all over your car that inevitably you’d just cleaned.

Are there times my windows won’t be cleaned due to the weather? – Yes. If there is heavy rain due to last the day we usually wont be out to clean windows. It’s not nice to work in! However, we may use the days for fascia cleaning and gutter clearances as it makes the job easier to complete. The real issue with weather is high winds. High winds can make a carbon fibre pole unwieldly at height and can pick up dirt and dust from the road and chuck it straight at your just cleaned windows whilst they’re drying, leaving an unsightly mess. We do try to work in most conditions outside of the extreme to enable us to keep to closely to expected clean dates for regular customers. With more than 1 in 3 days of the year being a rainy day in Swindon, we would struggle to get out otherwise!

Can you remove staining from my frames? – For UPVC frames we are able to remove some staining from the white of the frame – rust, seals leaching, oxidisation etc – using a variety of trade products. It’s impossible to say how effective this will be before the clean commences due to the type/depth of the staining and the age of the UPVC frames. We usually attempt this on the ground floor windows on a first clean. We are also able to provide this service with our external UPVC cleaning.

Why does the first clean / one off clean cost more than a regular clean? – For a first clean it usually takes longer to bring the windows up to a good standard. This could involve using cream cleaners on the frames and buffing, taking extra time to scrub and bring up the glass. On a first clean we go over all the windows twice to mitigate the risk of dirty drips from within the weatherproof seals escaping after our window cleaners have left the property. A subsequent maintenance clean then only involves simply keeping the windows up to that good standard.

Do you clean the interior of the gutter after a gutter clearance? We use gutter vacuums to clear the gutters of debris due to the fact the operator can clear the gutters from the safety of the ground. Because of this we are not able to then use a cloth to attempt to clean and buff the interior UPVC of the gutter back to white.

Why 6 weekly window cleans? – Simply put, our Swindon window cleaners found a 6 weekly cleaning cycle to be the perfect cleaning frequency for almost all of our properties. It provides you with the same clean and well maintained windows you would expect whilst saving you money over the course of the year compared to a more regular 4 weekly window cleaning service. There are very rare occasions where you may prefer a more frequent clean.

What do you use for fascia and soffit cleaning? – We use a ‘contact foam’ that stays on the surface of the gutter and fascia to kill algae and aid us in the cleaning and bring up your UPVC to a good standard.

Are you ever late? In short, yes. Whilst we always endevour to provide a reliable, frequent service, there are times when we will be running behind. Things like holidays/bank holidays, very poor weather, providing extra services for our regular customers like our fascia, soffit cleaning and gutter clearances can put us behind. However, we will always send you a message the day before we plan to come to your property to keep you in the loop!