Wroughton Window Cleaners

We are really happy to be able to say that we now provide local window cleaners to Wroughton. Our window cleaners have provided a reliable window cleaning service to Swindon and surrounding areas for close to 5 years now and have established a reputation for reliability and providing a great service. Whether you’re looking for a regular 6 weekly cleaning cycle or a full exterior clean, we are able to fulfil your exterior cleaning needs.

How we clean

Using extendable carbon fibre poles we are now able to reach and clean windows that would have been previously uncleanable with more traditional pole and squeegee methods. This allows us to keep your windows clean and reach and clean your UPVC fascia from the safety of the ground. The pure water used in this method also means your windows will dry clear with no needs to remove the residual water left on the windows once the clean has been finished.

With powerful gutter vacuums we are also able to clear blockages and debris from your gutters. Gutters above conservatories in wroughton no longer need to be a problem!

What can you expect from our window cleaners?

Our Wroughton window cleaners are friendly, polite, professional and punctual. Whether you’re looking for a one off clean or one of our many regular customers, we will always provide you with a message the day before a clean is due as a reminder, turn up on time, and clean your windows to the best standard possible. We are able to reach difficult to access windows, clean all window frames, sills and doors as standard, and are even able to remove some types of UPVC staining.

If you are looking for a window cleaning service you can rely on, please do contact us.

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