Cleaning Sellotape & Adhesive Tape From Glass



How To Clean & Remove Sellotape From Glass Windows

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We often use sellotape and other types of sticky tape to hang things from windows whether it’s Christmas decorations or childrens drawings and paintings. But when it comes to taking them down again it is often not nearly so easy to remove the adhesive tape that was used to hang them with, and the longer the tape has been on the glass the more stubborn it is to get rid of.

With the right tools, however, it is easy to safely and effectively remove the tape and leave your windows free of any residue or marks.

All you need is:

  • a bucket of warm soapy water
  • microfibre cloths x 2
  • kitchen roll
  • glass scraper with new blade

Glass scrapers are easy to get hold of and can be bought in any DIY store as well as High Street shops like Wilkinsons and Robert Dyas for only a few pounds. The most important thing is that it has a nice, new sharp blade that hasn’t been blunted using it for some other purpose. They always come with replacement blades so if it needs replacing put a fresh blade in before you start. Although it may sound a little contradictory but actually the sharper the blade the less likely it is to scratch the glass and the better it is for removing the tape. Just like with shaving, a sharper blade glides over the surface much more easily whereas a used blade gets stuck and can scratch the surface.

How to remove the tape

Simply wet the glass with a cloth soaked in the soapy water.

Then take your glass scraper and pressing gently onto the window push upwards into the tape.

Make sure the glass is kept wet and clear away any debris on the blade.

Always scrape in the same direction, ideally in short upward strokes.

Don’t go scraping in multiple directions up, down and from the side as this can scratch the glass.

Once the tape has been removed take the same cloth and wash the whole window and wipe off the soapy water with the 2nd cloth. The kichen roll is optional but will buff the glass to smear free finish.


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