Pure Water Window Cleaning Technology



A more in-depth look at pure water used for modern window cleaning and its advantages

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Window cleaning methods have changed greatly from the days of a bucket of soapy water, a chamois leather and set of ladders.

Modern water fed poles and purified water was a technique developed in America during the 1990’s which then made its way across the Atlantic. It has become the industry standard for professional window cleaners but  sometimes has rather mixed reviews amongst customers.

Some people think it’s wonderful and is particularly popular with commercial customers for health and safety reasons. As it is operated from the ground it does away with the need for ladders and is therefore much safer for operators.

However, other people have a had a negative experience and the reasons for complaint are nearly always the same

  • windows and frames are left wet
  • windows aren’t cleaned properly
  • window cleaning is done too quickly

Reasons 2 and 3 go hand in hand because water fed poles are faster and if the cleaning isn’t thorough it looks like it’s been rushed.

The reason windows look dirty still is because of the hard water deposits left on the glass when water hasn’t been professionally and effectively purified. This is at the heart of customer dissatisfaction and is simply down to sloppy window cleaners not taking pride in their work.

Hard Water Deposits – normal tap water is full of impurities it accumulates while passing through soil. Here in southern England the soil is particularly chalky and our water is classified as ‘hard’ due to the amount of calcium and limescale in it. Limescale deposits are the cause of scale in kettles, washing machines and other appliances and cause ‘spotting’ on glass. This is the same scale you find in kettles but a much smaller deposit and is what makes the window look dirty still after it’s supposed to have been cleaned.

Pure Water Filtration – purified water, also known as deionized water, goes through a filtation process that removes all impurities including all hard water deposits. This means when properly filtered pure water dries without leaving any spotting or other marks on the windows.

Wikipedia explains this perfectly…

‘When used as a rinse after washing cars, windows, and similar applications, purified water dries without leaving spots caused by dissolved solutes…..Window cleaners using water-fed pole systems also use purified water because it enables the windows to dry by themselves leaving no stains or smears. The use of purified water from water-fed poles also prevents the need for using ladders and therefore ensure compliance with Work at Height Legislation in the UK.’


So clearly windows are meant to be left to dry naturally and with adequately purified water no spotting is caused.

Here we have a simple explanation of customer concerns about pure water cleaning. When done by a professional company like Prism Window Cleaning Services pure water leaves your windows clear and free of any streaks , smears or other marks.

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