How To Remove Paint From Windows

Glass scraper removing paint


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If paint is allowed to dry on a window it can be extremely difficult to safely remove it without damaging the glass .

This applies to all paints whether oil based or water based including gloss, emulsion and primer.

When decorating and painting window frames it is all too easy for the brush to slip off the frame along the glass, or if using a roller on a nearby wall paint splashes somehow manage to find their way onto the window.

It can easily be wiped off immediately while still wet, but it it dries hard it can be a very stubborn stain to get rid of.

But with a little know-how and a few basic items Prism Window Cleaning Services will show you how to safely and effectively remove paint from glass windows.

What you need

A bowl or bucket with warm soapy water, cloth and either a sharp glass scraper or a new, unused razor blade. It is essential that the blade in the scraper or used on its own is still razor sharp. A blunt blade is likely to scratch your window.

Once you’ve got your items together start by wetting the glass by dabbing it with the cloth after soaking it in the water. Alternatively you could use a plant sprayer and spray the soapy water direct onto the window.

The key thing is that the glass is thoroughly wet. If it starts to dry, particularly on hot, sunny days wet it again. Then take your scraper or blade and gently scrape the paint, always pushing it away from you for safety reasons. As the paint starts to come off wipe the blade to keep it clean. The paint will just fall away and the galss will not be damaged in anyway by the blade or scraper.

2 most important things to remeber are

  1. use a new, razor sharp blade or scraper
  2. keep the glass wet throughout

And it really is as simple as that.

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