What are traditional window cleaners?



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Window cleaning methods have changed a lot in recent years. The most common method these days amongst professional window cleaners are water fed poles and pure water technology.

However, in some situations, such as when cleaning inside windows, this is not suitable and traditional window cleaning skills are necessary.

Traditional doesn’t mean old fashioned and things have moved on a little from buckets of soapy water and a chamois leather. But it does still mean cleaning windows by hand and a few other tools.

Traditional window cleaning equipment

They include:

  • microfibre applicator sleeve on handheld t-bar
  • squeegee
  • bucket on a belt
  • glass scraper

Microfibre sleeves and cloths are specially designed to grab hold of dirt and are excellent for cleaning or polishing used wet or dry. A sleeve fits onto the t-shaped bar for easy use and is soaked in window cleaning solution mixed with water. It is then scrubbed over the glass to thoroughly clean it and a squeegee is then wiped over the window removing the soapy water. A dry microfibre cloth can then wipe up any water runs and polish off if necessary.


It is a simple but effective way of cleaning windows and ideal for interior window cleaning.

Not many modern window cleaners are proficient at using a squeegee and therefore do not clean inside windows.

However, here at Prism Window Cleaning Services we are able to clean all your windows inside and out.

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